The life-changing power of simple pleasures

About Me!

The ability to transform the most humble materials into treasured items for others is a fascination I’ve held since childhood. I’d perch at the kitchen table, my little legs swinging from my seat, cutting and pasting to my heart’s content. As a teen, my pinboard-worthy posters made way for scrapbooking, whilst simultaneously pressing the telephone to my ear planning the next movie night with my besties. In my twenties, ‘making things’ meant making the world a better place, by building wharves and conducting environmental assessments as a marine scientist. But before long, my treasure chest of paper, ribbons and glue beckoned, and my love of craft came rushing back as I sat to create invitations for my own wedding.

My love for it has never waned (nor has the love for my hubby!!).

More than just card and ink

I’d be playing small if I said I just made invitations for brides and busy women planning weddings or upcoming celebrations. Ditto for Save The Date cards, thank you notes and table place cards. When I’m walking clients through Luxe Invitation’s wax seal options, pearl embellishments or the tactile properties of luxury papers, I’m focused on bringing together styling themes and palettes, sure. But no matter the event, I’m here to eliminate the stress of what can feel like a never-ending to-do list. And we’ll inject a hefty dose of wow-factor and fun into things while we’re it!

But one thing I take very seriously? Five-star customer service and quality control (it’s the scientist in me, remember?). With in-house printing and hand-tied bows, the only regret my customers have is not having discovered me sooner.

Connecting family and friends

There are treasure boxes tucked away in wardrobes and bookshelves in homes throughout Australia. They’re the shoeboxes filled with love letters from high school sweethearts and greeting cards from family near and far. They contain wedding and christening invitations from dear friends who’ve become family. You’ll discover heartfelt condolences for loss and congratulations for achievements and milestones.

As time goes by and their edges soften, these paper treasures become a kind of roadmap to our lives. They’re the puzzle pieces in our family history books; the anecdotes in our family tree. They allow us to revisit moments past and tell tales of a life lived, beautifully.

And as they land gently in a loved one’s letterbox – as the recipient tears across fresh, crisp folds of the envelope – they’re a preview to the wonderful experiences about to unfold.

Let’s create something remarkable!

My Promise

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”
~William A. Foster

For me, quality is not an act, it’s a habit. It is built into my processes and because my products are not mass-produced in a factory, I inspect each and every invitation. Right through the design and production process and on multiple occasions. My invitations and stationery are assembled in-house, and even our bows are tied by hand. You can therefore rest assured that you’ll just love the final product.